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Agenting & Acquisitions


Since December 2022, I have co-managed the acquisitions department at Ooligan Press, a student-run trade press partnered with Portland State University. During this time, I have been responsible for the following:

  • Managing author submissions through Submittable
  • Manage assignments and grading/feedback for acquisitions assignments for the press
  • Pitch manuscripts to the press
  • Perform developmental edits on acquired manuscripts

I also participated in a Literary Agents & Acquisitions course taught by Fiona Kenshole, a literary agent and editor, which strengthened my abilities as an acquisitions editor and introduced me to literary agenting and scouting.

Work Samples:

Pitches I’ve Worked On

Since the books involved in these pitches have not been published yet, you can find examples on this password-protected page: Example Pitches. Both of the pitches were led by my co-manager and myself, and both were successfully acquired by Ooligan Press.

Developmental Edits

Example developmental letters are also on a protected page in order to protect the identities of the authors; you can access them here: Developmental Edit Examples.

Reader Report, Submission Letter, & Sub List

The following is my final project for the Literary Agents & Acquisitions course, which contains a sample reader report, submission letter, and submission list.

Davis_Lit Agents Final Project_Fall 2022 (2)


If you would like to see more sample work, or hear more about my experience, please contact me at my email: jenniferbrycedavis[at]