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Subsidiary Rights


Currently, I am the Subsidiary Rights Manager at Ooligan Press, a student-run press partnered with Portland State University. In this role, I am responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating all communications related to subsidiary rights for the press, including foreign translation rights, braille, and large print
  • Facilitating the acquisition of foreign translation rights from publishers abroad
  • Creating and delivering lessons about subsidiary rights to others students at the press

I also studied foreign rights at Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany, for three months, where I met with publishers abroad and attended the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2021.

Work Samples:

Foreign Rights Catalogue Example

Here is a sample page of a foreign rights catalogue that I created for one of Ooligan’s backlist titles:


Contract Work

During my time managing rights at Ooligan Press, I’ve worked with many contracts, as well as created templates for the future rights managers. Here is an example of one of these templates:


You can access sample contract negotiation responses at this password-protected page: Contract Negotiation Examples.

Subsidiary Rights Lessons

I’ve created multiple lessons for Ooligan Press, as well as taught them to the rest of the press. Here is an example of an “Introduction to Subsidiary Rights” presentation that will be taught at the beginning of each academic year, so that new students can learn the basics of rights.


If you would like to see more sample work, or hear more about my experience, please contact me at my email: jenniferbrycedavis[at]